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Fandom Crossing :: A Multifandom and OC Roleplay

February 5th, 2008

Hi! @ 09:58 pm

Current Mood: confused confused

Hi everyone! My name's Leaf Coneybear, and I like capes, cats, spelling, and oh, yeah, I make my own clothes! Cool, right?


I actually am looking for one of my cats here, and I kind of got lost. I don't know when my parents will find me. My cell phone doesn't get service here either... but I have a voicemail from Logainne... she's been calling me at least twice a day it seems, maybe now she won't?

I kind of feel bad.

Logainne, if you're here, I'm so sorry... I'm feeling really des... des... wait, I know how to spell this one... give me a sec--

D! E! S! P! O! N! D! E! N! T!


February 1st, 2008

(no subject) @ 04:40 pm

Current Mood: nervous nervous

Well, um seeing as new people keep showing up in town, I was thinking that I uh, might be able to help by showing them around. If that's OK of course, I don't want to make people feel like I'm telling them they have to have my help *looks down and blushes*.

So, maybe people can can come see me at the school or my, um apartment and I can uh, give them a tour. I'd like to try and help the best I could, it would make me happy even if I wouldn't be that good at it *feels awkward*.

Oh and um, in case people don;t know my name is Damien, Damien Crayne *big smile*.

January 31st, 2008

(no subject) @ 02:56 pm

It has been rather quiet lately. So, I was thinking, as a remedy to this, I might throw myself a 'birthday party.' I was recently told what a birthday is, and when I asked my father he said that mine is soon. School really is a place of learning and inspiration!

Still, I have yet to decide where to throw my party, and whom to invite. I would like to invite everyone in town - we are a very small community, it seems. My own house is always an option, and of course I will need to buy more streamers and ribbons. Balloons...?

January 19th, 2008

(no subject) @ 01:13 pm

Current Mood: good good

*Ema is walking around the beach with her testing spray*

This is my first ever day in Fandom Crossing! Gee, it's so nice here. I'm happy Lana and I picked this quiet and nice town. But I'm wondering if I'll actually investigate something? Nothing too serious, of course...

Maybe I'll find something intresting on the shells? Like... I dunno... maybe some fingerprints or something...


I wish somebody could come and join me in my invesigation... But it's not like I'm lonely or anything!

January 18th, 2008

(no subject) @ 08:13 pm

Current Mood: pensive pensive

I think I have everything unpacked... -peers around his room which is now filled with empty boxes- Too many boxes... Maybe someone will need some since I don't really have anyplace to put them.

-frowns as he notices the absence of his pet- Timcampy! Come on, let's go look around! I'm tired of staying inside and unpacking. -looks up as the winged golden ball lands on his head, tail fluttering beside him- I was beginning to think I trapped you in a box or something.

-looks around the room once more before going to the door and opening it- All right, time to go check out the new town we're in!

[[OOC: orz Apologies for taking so long to start up here! D: Hope this post is all right. Haven't really played in a comm-based RP before.. |D;]]

(no subject) @ 03:46 pm

Current Location: Outside the school
Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

Good afternoon everyone! Today is Friday, correct? I was told that Fridays are very special, because they are the end of the week.

[Has misunderstood the scale of celebration, and is decorating trees etc with colorful streamers to celebrate \o/!]

Happy Friday~

January 13th, 2008

(no subject) @ 04:50 pm

Current Location: The docks

[The midnight waves crash solemnly about a small raft that bumps against the wooden dock.]

...Hmm. So... I've arrived. Destination, unknown... but my intrigue already rushes ahead of this. A new world, perhaps?

[The tall stranger steps out of the boat, anchored safely on the sandy banks. He stands up straight, moon shining into his fiery red eyes.]

Lush wildlife is already a good sign. Civilization is detectable from here... Perhaps I will learn something here, at last...

[He walks up to the nearby beach, gazing into the sky thoughtfully. He looks around curiously, watching the fish.]

January 12th, 2008

(no subject) @ 07:25 pm

Current Location: Little Feather Bookstore

*Serra is sitting at the front desk, glancing at the door every now and then and expecting the little bell at the doorway to ring any minute now. Bored out of his wits, he starts talking to himself.*

... It's been kinda quiet today, huh...

... There's been no customers all day...

... I've already read up the entire selection of used books like ten times...

... And I forgot to bring lunch, too...

... Got a headache...

... Can't leave front desk until someone comes in...

*deep breath*

COME HERE AND BUY SOMETHING ALREADY, ANYONE! I even put up advertisements all around for the special sale today! This job can be such a backstabber sometimes...



(no subject) @ 06:30 pm

Current Location: Tsuruya front stoop
Current Mood: giggly giggly

[Tsuruya-san is dangling her legs in the air while sitting on her front stoop.]

Ha~ It's such a nice day today! I wonder what I should do~?

Maybe I could go to the beach, or maybe get some snacks! Or maybe I could find some megas sweet smelling flowers and give them to everyone at school! I'm sure everyone will megas love them~ 

Or... I could visit every shop and ask them if they wanna go flower-picking with me, nyoro! Hehe, I like that idea~~

Ums, first stop... Little Feather Bookstore? Yeah, that's a great place! Lots of people gos to the bookstore! Hopefully I'll find lots of people to pick flowers with mees.<3

[Tsuruya gets up and skips happily to the bookstore.]

[[OOC: Is this how a post works? I haven't RP'd on livejournal before, and I'm kinda... nervous. ._.;;]]


(no subject) @ 03:41 pm

Current Location: Cafe Greene
Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

Wow... Kind of hard to believe this place is finally finally open for business!

Come one, come all, to the spectacular Cafe Greene! Best and only? food in all of Fandom Crossing!

...Ha. Maybe I should get some actual customers first before proclaiming how great this place is. And I mean, heh, it's seriously great so says my mom....

If I was smart, I would have gone around and advertised, but noooo, I spent all my time cooped up in here, trying to get stuff ready. So smart is I. ...Geez, now that I think about it, since I've been working on my cafe so long, I don't really know anyone around here.

...Oh yeah! I completely forgot: a couple of kids were supposed to come here for a job interview today. I'll get some slaves workers to boss around, yesss! It's a little lonely all by myself, anyway.

Guess I'll just plant myself by the door and wait for those kids. And customers. Customers would be great. Yep. Try not to look too desperate, Pekoe.

[paging Maya and Zuko, since I do believe they're going to work here :D]